Blue Monday - Beat the Monday Blues

At Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare, we encourage you to take charge of your own happiness. We believe it’s important to try and focus on the positive in your life and think about ways we can be grateful to help reduce feelings of stress and depression and increase well being.

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What is a skin softener and why do I need one?

A skin conditioner is an essential step to deeply moisturised, flawless skin and at Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare it’s our ultimate secret weapon! Find out why....

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Slough off the old and bring in the smooth

Hello autumn! Every new season brings new challenges for skin so listen to what it needs and help it out: Is it feeling dry or sensitive? Is it starting to lose its summer glow? Is it suffering from summertime pigmentation? Here I share a few of my personal tips to help trans-seasonal skin needs.

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Sun, Sea and Skin Saving Superfoods

Now that summer’s here it’s time to load up on antioxidants. Why? Because the skin can be extra sensitive to damage caused by UV rays and become dry, distressed and lacklustre as a result. So we’ve rounded up our top superfoods and skin savers to keep you radiant and naturally nourished this summer.

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Learn how to ‘Eat Pretty’ with Jolene Hart!

As you may well know, I’m a huge advocate of eating for beauty inside out, which is exactly why I was thrilled to discover ‘Eat Pretty’… aka any health conscious beauty addict’s bible! Author Jolene Hart is in fact a former beauty editor for a well known lifestyle magazine, who struggled to clear her skin, despite open access to countless beauty products, treatments and procedures. It wasn’t until Jolene started exploring the direct connection between beauty, nutrition and lifestyle that she learned to restore balance to her body— and beauty, and there Eat Pretty was born.

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Top 5 ways to love your skin

Aside from using natural skincare products, there are lots of amazing ways we can help support our skin. Whether you suffer from premature ageing, blemishes and breakouts or dryness and dehydration, my tips can help you on your journey to a clear, youthful complexion. Read on to discover more...

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Things I love…Warm Stuffed Pepper

Spinach is one of my favourite superfoods. This power plant is rich in iron which helps support the function of our red blood cells and provides a great source of vitamins and minerals. I love mixing it with garlic to make a delicious filling for a stuffed pepper to give me a much needed boost at the end of the day. Why not give it a go yourself? It couldn’t be simpler…

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5 top tips for the perfect cleanse

‘What are you cleansing with?’ The first, and most important question I ask my facial clients. Cleansing is the foundation to our skincare routine, and the most important step in our beauty regimen. The perfect cleansing method could change the way you look at skincare altogether, so here are my top tips…

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Tender loving skincare this winter

The colder months are well known for wreaking havoc on our complexion, from dry, flakey skin, to chapped hands and lips. I’m sharing my top tips for caring for your skin throughout winter - read on to discover how you can maintain a glowing complexion throughout the rest of the season.

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7 Top Skincare Tips For Complexion Perfection

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Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition. Not a skin type. The amount of water from the reserves of the dermis (an internal skin layer), to the external layers of the skin, the epidermis, depends on the level of internal hydration and how well your skin can hold onto it.

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Topical Antioxidants - Defend, Repair and Protect Your Skin

Ok, so yes...we will all age no matter what we do...its a fact of life! Another fact of life is that the our bodies internally and externally...holistically, are constantly exposed to free radicals that cause premature ageing of the skin and cellular damage internally. Read and learn more here...

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Diary of A Frustrated Epidermis

This blog is from a wonderful lady called Laura who loved what Cream Supreme did for her skin and everything else that followed. Laura was so impressed, she has written what she is calling a 'blogimony' (mix of testimonial and blog)and asked me to share it. 'I Love' what Laura has written and with such 'elegant flair'and I'm delighted and thrilled with the outcome. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do. Share and Like.

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Oxidative Stress and Your Skin

Have you ever found yourself saying (in your head of course), 'Oh've really aged?', about someone you may not have seen in a while...even a month or so? Is that a yes? So why does this happen and what has oxygen got to do with it?

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Thre is a secret to skin perfection. The key is exfoliation.

The correct type of exfoliation can lead to visibly brighter and healthier, younger-looking skin. The incorrect type of exfoliation can damage, irritate and lead to sensitivity. Read on my tips and hit "like" & "share" if you enjoy what you read.

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Antonia Loves... Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum

I LOVE Pure Therapy Facial Serum it is a complex hand blended mix of 21 plant oils and plant extracts that I initially designed for a client who came to see me after being recommend. She had the most chronic breakouts I'd seen in a while, she was desperate and vulnerable, her self esteem was low and there were a myriad of different issues and challenges that needed to be addressed.

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My Top 10 Skincare Tips

Antonia Burrell's top 10 skincare tips for 2013.

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Stress – more than a state-of-mind

A lovely client of mine came to see me last week because her skin had abnormally flared-up. I have treated this client for years and her skin has been looking beautifully healthy up until recently. What is the cause? A wedding! An occasion that is all about joy and happiness often transpires into a political time-bomb and organisational nightmare, resulting in the bride-to-be feeling totally stressed-out before her big day.

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The secret to glowing radiant skin - cleansing

Clean skin is one of the surest first steps on the path to skin perfection. As the most important step in your beauty regime, it forms sound building blocks of any good skincare routine and helps to correct and fortify.

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Massage away time

Do you not feel the pace we live at today is phenomenal? Twenty-four hours is no longer a sufficient amount of time to manage the various physical and emotional demands set upon us daily and the danger of falling into the cavernous vacuum that is modern society is all too prevalent.

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Oil - precious not potent

What an amazing week! With the radiant sun bursting into our lives it seems that everyone and everything has stepped out of hibernation and is full of the desire to look its beautiful best.

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The power of nature

Spring has undoubtedly sprung and doesn’t it feel wonderful! With blossom on the trees creating stunning backdrops to the streets of London and clusters of golden daffodils springing up in the parks and gardens, spring is a time of year where nature bursts into life in abundance. Even here in London, where urban-life reigns over the rural-idle, my body instinctively senses and reacts to a change of season, as it has been programmed to do since life began, and finds evidence of this natural metamorphosis round the corner of every building and crack in the pavement.

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About us

About us We have a strong passion for clean, chemical-free, quality, luxurious 100% natural products and treatments, that simply work and help to improve the quality of your skin, your life and your personal well-being.

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Antonia Burrell Salon Treatments...

Antonia’s approach as a leading skin expert is holistic and she explores internal well -being as well as external beauty and believes that skincare is a journey. Advice is practical, detailed and specific and if you follow Antonia's advice, then you are on your journey to flawless, younger looking, trouble-free skin. Each facial treatment is bespoke and expertly tailored for your exact skincare needs so you will leave Antonia's presence with corrected, radiant, glowing skin, feeling loved and truly pampered.

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Don't miss out...

Experience the powerful hands of top Facialist Antonia Burrell at the Urban Retreat, Harrods between 21st - 26th November 2011.

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