Kindness; you, the world and skin needs more of it. It is proven that negative emotions can wreak havoc on health and wellbeing, whilst positive ones can help improve and promote relaxation, mental clarity and actually increase skin’s ability to repair and renew itself naturally. Fresh from celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, here are three easy and natural tips to help incorporate more kindness into your life.


Be a social butterfly:

When you digest the universe of happiness science, there is one overwhelming takeaway: human connection and supportive friends, family and social circle have the biggest impact on both happiness and health. So get out there and connect; whether that is with a walk or a run with your best-friend or simply a quick after work dinner with family. You have people that support, love and up-lift you so harness that amazing gift.


Disconnect from the tech:

Studies show that social media and the constant digital presence of smart-phones are propelling a depression and anxiety epidemic whilst off-the-grid wellness retreats are increasing in popularity. You may not have to travel to a ‘silence monastery’ but instead try to incorporate more digital silence and disconnection, whether that's one day of down-time or applying a strict ‘no-use’ after hours. Just think of how badly your brain and esteem needs it.


Happiness begins from within:

Your microbiome is marvellous. The ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and yeasts in our intestinal tracts generate transmitters and hormones that play out within the brain, like serotonin that regulates mood, appetite, and sleep whilst disruptions in the microbiome through the research of pyschobiotics are being connected to anxiety, depression, autism, and dementia.

Eating foods like tuna, salmon, bananas, green tea, dark chocolate, spinach, and blueberries are shown to boost serotonin and other happiness hormones. So get munching.