Me time is the art of spending time on one’s own – an opportunity to relax, de-stress and restore depleted energy.

A lack of solitude can affect our relationships, creativity and productiveness in general.

With such busy modern lifestyles, solitary reflection is vital in order to achieve uninterrupted thought, improved concentration and academic performance while giving us the opportunity to take time out to explore what we really want from life in order to inspire our own happiness.

Spending time alone, whether that be traveling the world or curled up in a corner with a favourite book, strengthens decision-making skills and boosts self-confidence.

Mother Nature created sleep to give us time to cocoon in our own solitude, but 8 hours of sleep every night is often a rarity for lifestyles formed around often highly stressful and busy schedules and work or personal life commitments.

Me time is a great example of self care: stress damages your health at the cellular level, meaning it’s super important to give ourselves time out to recuperate, bounce back and be mentally and physically prepared for the busy days ahead.

A few Me time ideas, some of which I try and fit into my schedule every week: 

  1. Yoga and/or meditation
  2. Facials aren’t a luxury treat, they’re a necessity – the human touch boosts happiness while the craftsmanship behind the facial itself is deeply relaxing and detoxifying for your skin and your mind
  3.  Find activities you love – make a list of 5 things you love doing and do at least one activity every day. It could be gardening, exercising, painting, cooking , playing  a classical instrument or any other activity that makes you happy.
  4. Reconnect with nature – the tonic of wilderness creates the ideal opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Spend a lunch break with your own picnic at the park or simply go exploring…
  5. Buy something you’ve always wanted – we work really hard for the majority of our lives, it’s only natural the process of rewarding ourselves will evoke feelings of accomplishment and happiness
  6. Reading – relaxation and educating yourself is a great combination
  7. Take a long luxurious bath, light a gorgeous scented candle and add some gorgeous magnesium flakes to the water for deep relaxation
  8. Start an online course in something you’re passionate about – psychology, coaching, art.. the world really is your oyster
  9. Watch a movie on a rainy day that makes you happy
  10. Pamper yourself – take a few minutes out every day to add my 3-minute facial massage to your skincare routine, give yourself a pedicure or a deep-conditioning hair mask
  11. Take a power nap during the day to help you rejuvenate and have more energy for the rest of the day

Solitude is fuel for life – a life necessity we need to add to our must-have list rather than a luxury.