As minds, wardrobes and weather turn a new leaf and welcome autumn, don't leave skin out in the cold.  Every new season comes with new environmental challenges, which is why we need to give skin a seasonal skin fix - think of it as its new season wardrobe.

Here I share a few of my personal tips to help trans-seasonal skin needs. 



Avoid harsh cleansers that strip skin of its natural oils and moisturise while you cleanse instead. Natural Glow Cleansing Oil will not only cleanse away the day's dirt but also naturally strengthen skin and protect it from damage.

How? Bitter orange oil acts as a natural treatment for acne, tea tree purifies, lavender calms irritation, lemon brightens fatigued skin and castor seed oil has anti inflammatory and healing effect. It’s the ultimate treat for dry, problem (and normal!) skins.



Swap your regular toner (especially if it contains skin-drying alcohol) with Forest Dew Skin Conditioner – simply soak a cotton pad with the natural formula and apply to skin in a sweeping motion to soften and treat skin.

How? The lavender and cucumber will soothe and calm irritation while French Fucose Polysaccharide will boost hydration by up to 85% after four hours.  It also has anti-allergy properties making it a savior for sensitive skins.



This is our slogan this autumn and it’s exactly what I’ve been telling my facial clients to do too. Keep on top of exfoliation when the weather changes to keep skin cells turning and bringing in the new.

How? Avoid hard beads that scratch the skin and go gently (but effectively) with a product like Luminous Light Polishing Powder - an amazing powder that turns to a silky, exfoliating foam on contact with water. Tea tree leaf extract purifies pores, zinc energizes the skin and oatmeal reduces redness and inflammation.



This is the time of year to reach for Mask Supreme 7 in 1 to fix skin damage such as pigmentation (skin's summer hangover!). It has an amazing ability to improve the quality of skin with powerful botanicals not only instantly but over time too.

How? It contains an ingredient called Phoridium Extract that protects skin from damage (great after a bout of sun exposure) and brightens and evens skin tone (brilliant for any pigmentation problems after summer sun). The three natural and skin-loving fruit acids it also contains allow it to smooth and refine skin without any scratchiness or irritation. It’s the best repair and prepare product that will see you through into autumn.



A change of weather can be challenging not only on the immune system but on skin too, causing it to breakout and suffer. Give your complexion a helping hand with a light serum that will its improve texture and clarity. You'll be glowing bright again in no time!

How? The 100% natural formula in Radiant Light Facial Serum contains a spectacular 18 pure plant extracts. Frankincense is a powerful skin healer (great for any scars or pigmentation), rosewood will bring radiance to dull skin, and seabuckthorn will help heal damaged skin too.


ANTONIA'S TOP SKIN TIP: Apply one pump of Radiant Light with six pumps of Forest Dew, mix in the palm of your hand and apply to skin, for a deeply hydrating and brightening skin boost. 



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