Face Fitness Online Class

Face Fitness Online Class

Antonia Burrell Online Classes

Developed by one highly distinguished beauty therapist who has, over the years, helped both
men and women afflicted with the most troublesome of skin conditions achieve naturally
radiant and flawless skin.

Antonia Burrell Classes…The Finest Skin Treatment Courses in the World

Weekly facial lift cupping techniques and face fitness workouts with Antonia Burrell et al. A weekly date with Antonia Burrell as part of your skincare diary.


Sessions are available every Tuesday 10.30am, Tuesday 8.30pm or Sunday 8.30pm. Please note you will be sent a link for the same class time each week.


Why you should do this:
Become part of the AB community and learn at home, under the guidance of beauty industry pioneer Antonia Burrell how to effectively lift, sculpt, tighten and tone. Brighten, smooth, reduce lines, wrinkles and puffiness. Feel lighter, brighter & less stressed. Smooth and soothe, release muscle tension to decrease lines and wrinkles, aid great drainage of mucous and blocked sinuses, aid restful sleep.


Plus there is more!
Increase blood and oxygen, awaken cells, help promote collagen and elastin syntheses for firmer tighter skin. Offers lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and saggy skin. Antonia will take you through different methods in a fun 30 minute session. Each week Antonia will focus on different targeted areas and help you master the techniques of her pioneering facial lift cupping method to teach you tips, tools and tactics for the face, eyes, neck and décolleté with a targeted weekly 30 minute face fitness class.


Basic Toolkit:

  • • Yourself
  • • Your hands
  • • Your favourite facial oil
  • • Something to protect your clothes'

Optional Toolkit: Facial in a Box + AB Facial Lift Cupping Massage or if you already have your Antonia Burrell facial lifting cups you will need to bring 1 x large AB face lifting cup, 1 x small AB eye lifting cup and a cohort of Antonia Burrell products - either Radiant Light, Universal Glow Elixir, Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum or your personal favourite facial oil - enough for the face, neck and décolleté area. Antonia Burrell Bright & Light Eye cream and Forest Dew Plump & Hydrate Beauty Water. A tea spoon and desert spoon and two damp flannels.


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