Over 18 years of skincare expertise

Developed by one highly distinguished beauty therapist who has, over the years, helped both
men and women afflicted with the most troublesome of skin conditions achieve naturally
radiant and flawless skin.

A word from our happy clients

“Just had an extraordinary Natural Face Lift Facial with Antonia Burrell...a PROPER facial. Antonia is a facialist star, and I LOVE her products.”
- Jo Fairley, Beauty Bible

“Just got treated to the most amazing facial by Antonia Burrell, thank you, beautiful products and my skin is glowing! Telling everyone about the beautiful facial I’ve had!”
- Rachel Stevens, 

“We recommend seeing Antonia from at least six months before your wedding day to ensure your skin is looking its very best. Antonia's facials are entirely bespoke and adapted depending on skin type. We are obsessed with Antonia's products - if you're a big fan of the holistic approach to skincare, this could be just the range for you!”
- Conde Nast Brides

“Still feeling fab after a cracking Skin Perfecting Luminosity Facial from the ridiculously talented Antonia Burrell – thank you lovely! What I'd give for that AMAZING facial massage everyday!”
- Latest in Beauty

“My face feels alive, plump, restored, smoothed, polished and tingling. Best facial ever, ever, ever!”
- Madame Figaro Magazine

“One of the best, effective and most relaxing facials I have ever had and my skin feels like it’s never felt before…I’m blown away by Antonia’s products especially Forest Dew, they smell divine and work incredibly quickly.”
- Tatler

“Wow! Thank you Antonia! My skin is glowing and feels SO refreshed, just what I needed during my hectic fashion week schedule..amazing!”
- Jessica Stam, Supermodel

“I’ve had many facials and Antonia’s facial is off the chain...amazing! Love the Radiant Light Serum too.”
- Sarah Cox, BBC Radio

“Thank you so much! I feel my face is plump and gorgeously glowing and my jaw is finally relaxed. So happy to have met you.”
- HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece

“I swear by Antonia’s range for restoring balance to my skin, and keeping it happy, calm and clear all year long. Though I have to test and trial countless products for work, I always (always) go back to hers.”
- Eminé Ali Rushton, Beauty & Wellbeing 

“Bespoke facial by the wonderful Antonia Burrell. It's all natural and combines a vigorous massage and natural aromatherapy oils, When I left the shop my skin was shining and glowing and my cheek bones were 2 inches higher! I definitely recommend it!”
- Sadie Frost, Actress

“If you’ve ever been disappointed by a facial – the ineffectual prodding, too-soft slathering and could-do-a-better-job-with-a-Clarisonic cleansing, then now is the time to forget everything you’ve experience before and let Antonia Burrell restore your faith – and your skin.”
- Krista Madden, Beauty & the Dirt

“The facial was excellent and the products are sublime!”
- A. Elliot - Consultant

“I began using Antonia Burrell products a couple of years ago and immediately noticed a difference with my facial scars and major improvement in the quality of my skin; I would highly recommend the products. I am very happy and proud to call myself a loyal client who is 150% happy with the quality, results and the most professional of services!”
- Deby P, London - TV Producer

“Antonia has given my skin a new lease of life and I am so glad she is in charge of my face. She understands the physiology of beauty like no one else and I look forward to every single visit. She has transformed my skin from spotty, scarred and blocked skin to a radiance that I never thought could be. I feel so much more attractive and confident now. Antonia you’re brilliant.”
- Max

“Absolutely the best facials. Antonia is very knowledgeble and will transform any dull and dreary skin condition to a radiant and glowing complexion. Well worth a first visit and then you will be hooked!!!”
- Dawn M

“The most effective products I have ever come across.”
- Gail E, New York

“The facial I’ve always wanted, but never found (and that’s been a 30 year search)! Thanks so much.”
- Hilda, Advertising Director

“This is the best facial I have ever had and the products are absolutely amazing and the smell is divine.”
- Princess Maha, Qatar

“What a shame it had to come to an end! I had such a relaxing time. My face feels soft, supple and beautiful. I feel loved! Cant wait for the next visit.”
- Dr Ghenu

“I’ve been to a lot of places around the world to have good results for my face, but this appointment with Antonia was really the best of all. A very big difference!”
- N. Al Shemji, Dubai

“You have a great gift. Fingers that ‘see’. You gave my face an incredible workout and have inspired me to look after my skin.”
- A. Greenhoft

“One of the best, most luxurious facials I have ever had – I really enjoyed it!”
- The Metro, London

“Just wanted to say thank you, I am really enjoying the products and have had a remarkable improvement in my skin. My boyfriend couldn’t believe the transformation and said I looked much younger and he had never seen my skin so clear. My dad noticed too.”
- Catherine M, London

“I have been going to Antonia for my skin care needs for almost 5 years now, and she is the BEST in London, hands down. Trust her with your skin and you won't regret it! Thanks, Antonia!”
- Brooke

“I love using the new Antonia Burrell Skincare, you can vis1bily see a difference even after the first use, so the ‘natural glow, part is true, and it leaves your skin squeaky clean. Since I've been using the products I can get away with wearing less make up, which is great, on top of all of this, its a great feeling knowing that what I am using is completely natural even down to the ink on the bottles, its fabulous! I'm looking forward to experiencing the Antonia Burrell facial too. Thanks Antonia!”
- Michaela B - Bids Assistant

“Facial washes / moisturisers leave my face either too oily or too dry. I could never find the right mix. I've tried everything - from designer expensive to normal high street commercial but I've not been truly satisfied... Then Antonia Burrell's serum & cleansing oil came along! My face has never felt so clean, fresh and healthy before. Perfect! My searching has finally come to an end. Thank you Antonia Burrell.”
- J.K Rhamie

“I think I have finally found THE products for my skin, beautiful textures, beautiful, clean smells and quick results…perfect. Love it!”
- Jade Bailey

“I've been using Antonia Burrell Skincare for the past year or so and have found them to be rather excellent products. As a man, I will go as far as to say they happen to be the best facial products I've ever used, they leave my face looking evenly toned and moist all day.”
- Harley, London - Transport Manager

“Have to say my skin is still glowing over a week later! And I've received so many compliments; it was such an amazing facial. I'd just like to say thank you and I can't wait to book my next appointment with you.”
- Mrs Tosh - Head Designer Seamstress

“I am product junkie and have found nothing like it. Amazing!”
- M Hall, Orlando, Florida

“I had visited many other therapists and salons with no good results, so my search for a good skin therapist never seemed to end until I met Antonia. As soon as she began to talk and consult with me, I felt that she knew her stuff and I felt like there was a glimmer of hope for my pimpled and scarred face. She treated my skin and I started to see positive results even after the first treatment. Now, I have no more breakouts, my skin is smooth and fresh and I still see Antonia to ensure that my skin stays that way and I am so happy I found her.”
- Gayda

“I have regular facials with Antonia. She is simply wonderful and it feels just amazing lying on the bed and relaxing while in those very capable hands. I have had facials at other salons previously but no facial has been as amazing and relaxing as the ones that Antonia does. I dread getting out of the bed an hour later when the facial is over:):)”
- Annu

“I had a Bespoke Facial and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results! My skin was glowing when I left, but it was only when I got home I realised that my skin tone was more even and very soft. I thought it would take a few treatments to see any change in skin tone but I'm amazed with the first treat. Thank you.”
- Y DeCoteau

“'As soon as Antonia’s skilled, experienced and wonderfully confident hands touched my face, I knew it was going to be a great facial. Her hands and fingers danced over my face like a prima ballerina creating energy and radiance, smoothing out the creases as she went. That combined with her fab products makes this a knock-out facial. I even snored I was so deeply relaxed!' ”
- Tatler Spa Guide 

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